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Intelligent Cat Tempts Dog Into Cage For Some Alone Time

Milo, a 5-year-old tabby, has been Erika Longo’s sole pet since he walked into her apartment as a stray. Everything changed a year ago when his mother brought home a golden retriever dog named Beckham.

The rescue cat is accustomed to his mother spoiling him and always gets his way. Longo told The Dodo, “He has a really large personality.” “In life, he favors the more costly, higher-quality items.”


Milo was not happy about having to share his mother’s attention when an excited puppy arrived out of nowhere. “When we initially brought Beckham home, he didn’t like him, and it took him almost a year to get used to him,” Longo added. “On occasion, Milo will cuddle up to him, and [Beckham] will lick him. Milo gets irritated with our dog at times and swats him.”

“She said, “It’s a love-hate relationship.”


The puppy seemed unconcerned about what his cat brother thinks of him; all he wants is to be near him. Longo added that Beckham “really adores and loves Milo” and “always wants to play or snuggle with him.”

Longo began crate training Beckham in April of last year. That’s when the astute cat devised a scheme to get rid of his younger sibling – at least temporarily.


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Milo sits in the dog kennel whenever he gets upset at Beckham. Beckham follows Milo inside the box because he always wants to be near him. Milo then makes a U-turn and dashes out of the kennel.


Longo explained, “He generally stands at the opening of the box for a little while simply looking at Beckham.” “On sometimes, he closes the door partially with his snout or paw. Milo typically comes over to me after that, asking for pets.”


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