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When A Couple Buys An Old Farmhouse, They Quickly Discover That It Comes With Cats

One of the first things Emily Bott and Dylan Loewke noticed when touring a historic home was all of the cats lounging in the front yard. The property appeared to come with 15 barn cats, which piqued the couple’s interest.


Bott told The Dodo, “We asked our realtor if the cats were going to be left behind, and we were promised that they would all be gone by the time we moved in.” “As soon as our offer on the house was approved, my boyfriend demanded that the cats remain on the property. I was first nervous because I had never had a cat before. I worked at the local humane organization at the time, so I knew I could at the very least get them all spayed/neutered and perhaps rehome them if necessary (spoiler: it was never necessary).”


The cats had been given dry food by their former owners, but that was about it in terms of attention. Many of the cats were sick, and none of them had been spayed or neutered. The pair promptly stepped up to ensure that all 15 of their new kitties received the attention they need. After that, it was time to acquire their trust.


“At first, there was only one cat, Valencia, who was nice enough to approach,” Bott said. “She’s the queen bee in our hive. I could tell there were a few others who were intrigued and interested in us, but it took months (and in some cases years) for them to trust us enough to approach them and even pet us! I sat in my driveway several evenings tossing goodies at them, feeding them catnip, and playing with toys.”

The group finally warmed up to its new parents after putting in the effort. Despite the fact that not all of the cats enjoy being touched, they still adore and trust Bott and Loewke. Every cat has its own personality and name, and the pair wouldn’t swap any of them for the world. Bott and Loewke are now almost always accompanied by at least a few cats everywhere they go on the property.


Since moving in, the couple has acquired Tofey, a new barn cat who has fit in in with the rest of the herd. They’re hoping to one day open their own animal refuge so they can continue to aid animals in need — and it’s all because to their cute barn kitties.

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