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On A Cold Snowy Day, A Stray Kitten Walks Into A Fire Station And Asks To Be Let In

Late last month, a little cat walked inside a fire station on a bitterly chilly day. The firefighters on duty rushed into action when she expressed a desire to come inside for warmth.
One very chilly evening, firefighters at the Steinbach Fire Department in Steinbach, Manitoba Canada were astonished to find a tiny feline visitor peeping through a glass window.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

“I was strolling down the street when I spotted her at the window. She came right up to them after a member of the department stepped outside .”

The kitten had been hanging around there, but he didn’t have else to go. They couldn’t leave her out in the freezing weather, so they let her in. The kitten rapidly adapted to her new surroundings.

She was filthy and hungry, but she was thankful for the safety and warmth. The calico showered her human pals with attention and won their hearts very immediately.

Toews, who owns four cats, volunteered to take her to his house so she could keep warm while he looked for her owner.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

They gave her the name Ember and took her to the veterinarian the next day. The kitten was in fair health, except from mild frostbite on the ends of her ears.

“I put a notice on Facebook hoping that someone would claim her. We brought her to the vet when no one else would, had her vaccinated, and treated her for ear mites “According to Toews.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

She was enamored with everyone’s attention and couldn’t get enough of their pets and cuddles.

Despite much much they would want to have Ember as their own cat, they know that a kitten like Ember need a lot of attention and a family to spoil.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

They said that because Steinbach does not have a full-time fire department, the station is not always staffed. “Unfortunately, there are days when no one is at the station.”

The firemen decided to assist their kitty companion get the loving home she so well deserved.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

 “We sent her to a friend who does fostering so she could have more human contact and the run of a house.”

Her lovely marks truly showed out after a much-needed wash. “She smells a lot better now than when she first came to our door.”

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

She went back to the clinic 10 days ago to get spayed. She recovered fast and was back to her lively and loving self in no time.

Ember is now prepared to begin a new chapter in her life. She would be a lovely friend that will shower you with attention and hugs at all times.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

 “We posted on Facebook that she was available for adoption, and it looks like we may have found her a loving home.”

Nobody knows how she ended herself outside the station, but she was in the perfect location to seek assistance.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

“She’s found a wonderful place to call her own and has truly transformed it into a home. I’m amazed at how well behaved she is; she’s precisely what we’ve been searching for “According to her new family.

Credit: Steinbach Fire Department
Credit: Steinbach Fire Department

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