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A Kitten With A Missing Limb Is Adopted By A Girl Who Has Lost An Arm

At the time, a household in Trabuco Canyon, California (United States), learnt about a kitten that had lost its front limb from a shelter. They felt he was the one right then and there, and they wanted to adopt him into their family.

In an interview with TODAY, Simone said:

“They believe it was within a car’s steering wheel when it began but didn’t come out on time. They told me she wouldn’t make it and that euthanasia was already planned, but one of the workers pleaded with me to try to rescue her.

Scarlette’s left arm was unusually big when she was born. The family learned their daughter had an aggressive kind of cancer after testing, surgeries, and chemotherapy treatments, and the medical advice was to amputate the small girl’s arm.

The mother of the small child added:

“We had to fly to Minnesota to have the operation done at the Mayo Clinic since they were the only specialists equipped to conduct such a complicated procedure. They amputated his arm, shoulder, scapula, clavicle, and all surrounding skin and tissues when he was 10 months old.”

The family watched a report on the local news about a three-month-old cat who had just had his leg amputated due to a horrible accident and quickly phoned the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus to adopt the kitten.

The girl’s mother recalls calling the shelter right away, only to be told that owing to her recent injuries, she was not yet ready for adoption.

The family went out of their way to let them have the cat. When the staff learnt of Scarlette’s story, they decided to make an exception so that she may be reunited with her new family.

Simone remembers:

“Scarlette felt the staples and drainage tube on her side and softly stroked her, saying, ‘Owies?’ ‘Yes, she has flowers like you,’ I replied. She merely nodded as she rested her palm on her severed side. Despite her youth, she recognizes that this cat is significant to her.

Doc became a wonderful addition to Scarlette’s life, and her mother claims that growing up with her was a huge help in her rehabilitation.

Simone continued:

“We wanted to locate Scarlette a companion so that she could grow up with someone who is similar to her, not just to show her that she is not alone, but also to help her strengthen herself and learn to deal in the same manner as her kitty does.”

Scarlette has matured since then, and she is now a happy, self-sufficient young lady who likes playing, doing her studies, and, of course, spending time with her adoring family.

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