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A Stray Cat Gives Birth To A ‘Werewolf’ Kitten, Which Is Extremely Rare

Meet Eyona, a kitten that is not only one of the most unusual-looking on the globe, but also one of the rarest.

Volunteers from TEARS Animal Rescue in South Africa discovered Eyona late March. They realized one of the newborns was not like the others when helping a stray tabby cat and her litter of six kittens born in a bush inside a Cape Town park.

Despite the fact that his mother and five siblings were all typical cats, Eyona appeared to be a completely different species. His black hair is uneven and grey-flecked, although he tested negative for a number of skin ailments. His face is small, and he has an intense stare that reminds me of another animal.

TEARS operations manager Mandy Store told The Dodo, “He has the appearance of a wolf but the body of a cat.” “We assumed he was a sphinx crossbreed, but he has a lot of physical characteristics that distinguish him from cats. He’s very amazing.”


Eyona, it turns out, was born with an incredibly uncommon mutation that transforms him into a new kind of cat known as Lykoi, or “Werewolf” cats.

Dr. Johnny Gobble, a veterinarian who specializes in this breed, was contacted by TEARS. Little Eyona is the 35th known natural incidence of this mutation in the world, according to him.


Eyona’s physical look is remarkable, and it’s becoming more so as his hair thins with time, but it’s not the only thing that sets him apart. Lykoi cats, in addition to appearing like dogs, also behave like them, and Eyona is no exception.

“He looks a lot like a dog,” Store remarked. “He’s like a puppy when it comes to playing. Unlike other wild cats, he’ll look you in the eyes with a strong feeling of attachment. He’ll even schlep about with his blanket. It’s as though he has no idea how to be a kitten.”


Eyona could certainly bring a lot of money if sold to a breeder because he’s such a rare kitten, but his rescuers have no intention of giving him anything more than a happy life as a treasured pet.


“Everyone wishes to meet him, and everyone wishes to purchase him. But that’s not what we’re looking for “According to the store. “The last thing we want is for him to be taken advantage of. We must ensure that he has a regular existence in order for him to be who he is.”

TEARS has matched Eyona with a trustworthy foster mom in a caring home where he’ll get the lifetime of love that cats deserve, rather than adopting him out to just anybody.


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