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Kitten With The Sweetest Grandfather Face Is Trying To Use His Charm To Win Over Everyone

Stephanie Medrano, a volunteer at the Stray Cat Alliance Rescue Center in Los Angeles, received a call about a newborn Himalayan cat in need of assistance. The kitten was born with certain issues, such as bent rear legs and a cleft palate, but it had a voracious appetite and was eager to conquer everyone.

The vet gave the kitten’s original family an awful diagnosis. They had no idea how to care for his legs correctly, but they wanted to make sure he got the treatment he needed. Stephanie agreed to aid the lovely kitty as soon as she learnt the details of her condition.

Stephanie, a volunteer at the rescue facility, stated:

«That day, I consented to accept the cat. It arrived a few hours after the baby was born. As soon as I saw her face, I thought of her name, ‘Grandpa.’

Credit: imogenthekitten

The kitten must be tube fed during the day due to its cleft palate; this is a taught feeding technique that prevents the kitten from sucking in and choking on food.

Once he has done nursing, he is placed in an incubator where he may sleep quietly and pleasantly while being entertained by a toy that simulates a heartbeat (fake mom).

Credit: imogenthekitten

Stephanie has also been massaging him every two hours to aid in the correction of her crooked legs. Grandpa is a formidable opponent who, despite his diminutive stature, exudes a great deal of strength and conviction.

Credit: imogenthekitten

Before returning to the incubator after each feeding, the kitten is pampered by its foster mother. Little Grandpa’s weight has doubled and his fur has thickened thanks to Stephanie’s care.

Credit: imogenthekitten

His meows are still quiet, and he spends much of his time resting and recuperating. Soon, the small kitten with a grandfather’s face will open his eyes for the first time and finally see his adoring human.

Credit: imogenthekitten

Stephanie stated:

“When we got it, it weighed 84 grams. It now has a weight of 145 grams. He began licking his lips, yawning, and stretching. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Credit: imogenthekitten

The rescue center volunteer went on to say:

“As he becomes older, we’ll evaluate if the stretching has benefited his legs and examine his cleft palate more closely. When he gets older, he may require splints on his legs to help them adjust even more, and he will almost certainly need surgery to correct the cleft.

Credit: imogenthekitten

The members of the Stray Cat Alliance Rescue Center go to great lengths to ensure that the cats have the finest quality of life possible. Grandpa, on the other hand, continues to enchant them with her charm and sweetness.

Credit: imogenthekitten

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