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An Abandoned Puppy Is Comforted By A Stray Cat While Waiting For Its Owners To Return

The story of a tiny, caring kitty who went popular after being photographed consoling an abandoned dog has gone viral.

Credit: Kingdomstv

The stray dog has been placed outside the same apartment where it previously resided, and it refuses to move regardless of the weather.

The most intriguing aspect is the pup’s fuzzy kitty companion, who does not appear to leave its side.

Credit: Kingdomstv

The cat is elusive and appears to flee when people approach the couple: “They don’t leave here staring at the same thing, but the weird thing is that every time people pass by, the dog attempts to examine everyone’s face, unlike the cat who flees,” explains a local.

The elderly couple who reared the dog had to move to a senior care facility and leave the puppy behind since they were not allowed to take him.

The dog hasn’t left the front of the building in six months. One of the residents even built a small shelter for the animals to keep them safe from the weather.

Credit: Kingdomstv

Regardless of the small residence, the stray dog likes to lie down at the building’s door with its faithful kitty buddy.

“When they sleep together at night, they embrace to keep warm. Since they met on the street, they may believe they are in the same predicament. They are aware of their differences, yet they get along well and console one another.”

Credit: Kingdomstv

When most of the neighbors walk by, they leave food for the stray dogs, but with winter approaching, a rescue center was contacted to transport the duo to a more suitable home.

They were apprehended and transported to a local veterinarian, who determined that they were both in good health. They are now staying at a temporary shelter while they look for a permanent home.

Below is the complete video story:

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