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Garbage Men Discovered A Sick Kitten Dumped In Their Truck

We’ve all heard that ordinary bravery might save someone’s life. This is demonstrated by what transpired between three garbage guys and a little cat.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

When two garbage workers were out cleaning trash bins around the area, they heard a piercing yet faint meow. They assumed it was coming from the trash pile in the truck, but there was nothing visible. How could a kitten get in there, both guys wondered? Is it possible that it was dumped? They decided they needed to save the small creature, so they began clearing the truck’s corners, but they couldn’t find him.

They needed aid because the work was too big for them to do alone, so they sought the services of a third colleague to help them find the buried kitten. The 5-ton mound of rubbish was navigated using a shovel and a broom.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

Their teamwork paid off, as they discovered the buried kitten 30 minutes later, heading straight to the local animal shelter for the treatment this little cat required.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

Thanks to the efforts of three courageous garbagemen, the kitty has regained his strength and health and is in excellent hands. He was adopted right away by one of the shelter’s employees and is now happy living with his new owner in his permanent home.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

This tiny cat was in desperate need of a hero, and he was lucky enough to find three!

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