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This Stray Kitten Was Afraid And Kept Crying All the Time And Hinde Until He Finds His True Love

For weeks, a stray or lost cat had been residing in a warehouse; everyone could hear him wailing, but no one could convince him to come out of his hiding location.

His pleas were heard by a couple who already had numerous animals in their home and knew they needed to act.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

They arrived over the weekend in the hopes of gaining the kitten’s trust while no one else was there. They packed lots of kitten food and made sure there was enough of fresh water available.

They tried all they could to entice him out of his hiding place, and after a few hours, he appeared hesitantly and came up to his new human pals with his tail up.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

This small cat was overjoyed that someone was feeding him, and he continued to eat until his stomach was full. As he gently emerged from his hiding location, the couple waited close by, hoping that he would get used to them.

He appeared to be thanking them as he gazed into their eyes. They finally got him into the cat carrier and were on their way home.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

They gave him the name Ollie and assured him that everything will be OK from now on.

God bless all those who volunteer their time to care for animals in need.

Credit: welovecatsandkittens

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