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After His Life Changed, Cat Befriends Every Kitten He Meets

Bubblegum, an adorable cat that came to Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles, was extremely tiny for his age and was recuperating from a lot of health issues when he arrived. The small rescued kitten struggled to get by as his siblings played and raced around their new home.

The lovely kitten was constantly aided by his caretaker; his feedings were every two hours, and by the time he was two months old, he was fully recovered and ready to join his siblings in life.

Alley Cat Rescue had this to say:

“When we acquired it at 10 days, it weighed just 71 grams. When we weighed it at first, it was so little and delicate that it kept tumbling. It couldn’t jump over walls because it was too little, but it could chase your feet, climb, and sleep.

Credit: alleycatrescue

Bubblegum was two months behind the rest of his litter. The beautiful kitty still had a long way to go after all of his siblings had gone to their ultimate homes.

They discovered the diagnosis of his medical problems after numerous trips to the veterinarian. The kitten had a congenital abnormality called a hepatic shunt, but she was able to heal completely with medicine and the correct nutrition.

Credit: alleycatrescue

The workers at the rescue facility stated:

Bubblegum is the inspector in charge and the nap finder. He considers everything to be interesting and is always in motion. Play in every box that comes into contact with the home. She can’t wait to get rid of everything that comes in boxes so she may play, sleep, and hang out in her own area.

Credit: alleycatrescue

Bubblegum was introduced to other foster cats by the rescue center volunteers, who saw how lovely and sociable he was with everyone.

Atticus, a kitten who came at the same time, was still extremely tiny and required extra attention. Bubblegum was ecstatic every time she heard her small squeaks and wanted she could meet the newest cat and play with him.

Credit: alleycatrescue

They took Atticus along with another cat his age when he was one month old, and the two became fast friends.

Volunteers stated:

“They’ve been inseparable from the first time they met. When they are awake, they embrace each other at night and play and fight with each other.

Credit: alleycatrescue

Bubblegum was thrilled when he finally met not one, but two lovely kittens with whom he could play and hang out. He quickly assumed the role of big brother and began training the two kittens to be the finest cats in the world.

The rescue center went on to say:

“With other cats, he is highly social and has played, cuddled, and befriended a lot of foster cats.” It’s just as easy to hang with dogs.

Credit: alleycatrescue

The adorable Bubblegum is now ready to start a new chapter in his life and find his perfect home, where he can be happy and cherished, after a lengthy trip.

Alley Cat Rescue adds the following:

“She is really nice; she enjoys sleeping under the blankets at night, jumping onto your lap while you work, and generally assisting around the home.” She keeps an eye on the litter box collection method and ensures that there are always full cat food dishes and yummy treats available.

Credit: alleycatrescue

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