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Cat Gets Irritated When His ‘Girlfriend’ Refuses To Play With Him

Daisy was adopted as a kitten from Cats’ Aid in Ireland, and she has always been a little timid. She isn’t always fond of meeting new people or animals, but she adores her father and looks to him as her greatest friend and protector.


Daisy’s father, Will Murphy, told The Dodo, “When she gets a chance, she constantly wants to get onto my lap or sleep on the bed alongside me.”

Daisy enjoys spending time outside in her yard, which has drawn the interest of the neighborhood’s male cats. Daisy’s gentleman callers like to come around and wait for her at the windows whenever she’s inside, minding her own business – but Daisy is completely uninterested.


“None of them appeal to Daisy,” Murphy remarked. “The only time I see her irritated or furious is when they are hunting for her.”

Silken Thomas, a cat Murphy has nicknamed, is one of the most persistent of the lot. He’s a chatty, outgoing individual who enjoys waiting at the window for Daisy, who refuses to see him.


Murphy decided to go outside and give Thomas a harsh talking-to one day, since he was pining at the window as usual. He attempted to persuade Thomas that his daughter Daisy had no desire to date him.

As Murphy attempted to reason with the obstinate cat, Thomas retorted…

…and finally became enraged when Murphy refused to allow him date his daughter.

“He did become a little pushy and delivered a couple playful nips to my hand, but I’ve had cats practically my whole life and am used to getting the occasional scratch/bite from them,” Murphy explained.


Despite the fact that Murphy was explicit, Thomas will return again after time, and Daisy will continue to ignore him. Fortunately, Thomas is a sweetheart, and Murphy adores lavishing him with attention and hugs — despite the fact that he can’t seem to get the message about Daisy.

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