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Everywhere He Goes, Cat Carries His Favorite Plush Pig

Diego has always been odd since he was a kitten. He’s a little smaller than other cats his age and can’t always play the same way they can due to some health concerns when he was younger. He prefers to bring his toys around with him instead. But, before he met his stuffed pig, he never really had a favorite.


Diego received a plush pig as a present from a family member a few years ago, and he was completely enamored with it from the time he saw it. His family has never figured out what drew him to the pig above other toys, but he hasn’t allowed it out of his sight since he acquired it.

Diego’s mother, Crystal Cook, told The Dodo, “He keeps it around all the time.” “He carries it with him everywhere he goes.” He adores his pet pig.”


Diego is constantly accompanied by his pet pig. Diego likes to clean his pig as if it were his own cat, and they play, snooze, and dine together. Diego’s pig joins him at the veterinarian’s office. At all costs, the two are constantly together.

Cook explained, “If he can’t find it, he goes around meowing.” “Due to the size of the stuffed pig, he sometimes gets stuck in a room attempting to go through when the door is broken.”


Diego misplaced his toy pig once, and his mother couldn’t find it. Diego was in such distress that she handed him a pink cushion to attempt to soothe him down until his pig was recovered. He dozed and slept on the pillow nonstop until his mother discovered the missing pig.

“He didn’t care about the pillow after that,” Cook added.


Diego and his stuffed pig arrive as a pair, and everyone in the home accepts this as truth. If they hear Diego approaching…


…they’re well aware that he’s proudly carrying his toy pig.


Nobody knows why Diego adores his pig so much, but it doesn’t matter since it’s the sweetest thing ever.

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