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Kitten Was Abandoned Until He Was Adopted Into a Cat’s Household

A mother cat and her kittens were discovered on the streets and transported to the Best Friends Felines shelter in Brisbane, Australia, to give them a second shot at life. The mother cat was still terrified when they arrived at the rescue center. He was shy in front of others at first, but he gradually came out of his shell.

The loving mother of the kittens gradually allowed her carers to get near to her and her kids; she was given treats and love, and her sweet personality emerged.

Best Friends Felines’ Nikki said:

“When Eleni the cat first came into our care, she was terrified of humans, but it only took her a few days to overcome her fear, and today she purrs like a hurricane.” It starts purring as soon as we give it a pat. She is also self-assured.

Credit: Best Friends Felines

A single kitten arrived at the rescue facility around the same time. Flavian, a four-week-old kitten, was in desperate need of mother love and care.

According to the foster mother:

“They discovered him alone and took him to a veterinary facility.” When they turned him over to the vets, he was quite frail. A call was made to see whether he might be helped by a caregiver. We decided to check if Eleni would accept it in order for her to have a mother and siblings.

Credit: Best Friends Felines

When the kitten was first introduced to the cat, she gently approached it to smell and inspect it, and after a few licks, she adopted it as one of her own.

Nikki continued:

“From the time they met, Eleni welcomed Flavian and began preparing him.”

Credit: Best Friends Felines

Flavian quickly became a member of Eleni’s family, enjoying the companionship of his new mother and four adopted siblings, cuddles, and being in the arms of the loving cat who seemed to know exactly what the tiny one needed. At no point did he feel abandoned.

Credit: Best Friends Felines

Added the shelter volunteer:

“Eleni cherished Flavian more than her own infants when she first came, so she made up for lost time by giving her lots of showers and hugs.”

Credit: Best Friends Felines

The lovely cats appeared to be quite happy about their new family member, and they had a lot of fun playing and running around the room.

Nikki exhales a sigh of relief:

“He’s been totally welcomed and sleeps and plays with his new siblings, as well as cuddles with Eleni, who looks after him. He eats alone and isn’t interested in breastfeeding, so when Eleni’s other children are nursing, Flavian frequently plays and then snuggles with his mother.

Credit: Best Friends Felines

The adorable kitten is a week older than his foster siblings and has taken command of the group; he is a very bright youngster, and his adopted brothers immediately followed his lead after he learned to utilize the sandbox.

The entire kitten family has thrived as a result of the foster care, and they are now ready to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Credit: Best Friends Felines

Nikki continues:

«Mama Eleni’s five children like rushing around the room and pouncing on her tail. They like snuggling, both with people and with one other, and they frequently form large pools of kittens about Eleni.

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