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A Cop Saves A Kitten Who Was Abandoned In The Rain, And The Two Are Now Fighting Crime Together

When another cop saw Squirt cowering beneath a dumpster, he teamed up with his justice partner (who goes by the handle DonutOperator on Instagram). DonutOperator decided to adopt the cat, and the two have been kicking crime off the streets together ever since.

Cops discovered this beautiful cat behind a trash.

Credit: pawsplanet

We want want our title to sound good, but at the very least, Squirt is keeping his owner happy so he can better battle crime. When DonutOperator is gone, he also looks after the home. What are the chances? He could have some kungfu skills under his sleeve and will eventually join his hooman.

Despite the fact that the cat was undercover at the time, this officer chose to adopt him.

Credit: pawsplanet

He called the cat Squirt, and the two are now working together to stop crime.

Credit: pawsplanet

Well, this guy does at least.

Credit: pawsplanet

Squirt would rather stay at home and watch over the other kitties.

Credit: pawsplanet

Squirt is always willing to help and protect. But only when it isn’t time to play. Alternatively, it might be nap time.

Credit: pawsplanet

Watch the video below to see Squirt in action:

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