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Arnold, A Crime-Fighting Cat, Has Joined The ‘Secret Cat Division’ Of The Police Force

Arnold, a search cat, joined the “secret Cat Division” of the Auckland police department in New Zealand. On 1News, Detective Senior Sergeant Kepal Richards discussed the department’s cat section, which was more of a cat distraction.

“Beware, cat burglars: the New Zealand police have a new recruit in town, and he isn’t afraid to use his paws,” 1News said.

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

Sergeant Richards invited people to bring in their cat photographs to be considered for the secret cat section during a TV appearance.

“Send your photos to the police media team,” he added, “and I’m sure they’ll be taken into consideration.”

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

The Auckland City District Police posted a message on social media to cheer people up. Arnold demonstrates his abilities in the video, such as hoop-jumping and laying on his side on demand.

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

Arnold’s training, as you can see, is pretty impressive, thanks to his favorite dried beef and venison goodies.

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

Then, at the neighborhood park, Arnold goes on a hilarious “tracking of baddie” exercise.

Below is a video from 1News:

“You’ve probably heard of our Police Dog Division, but have you heard of our Secret Cat Division?” according to the Facebook post.

“For all you cat lovers out there, welcome Arnold, our newest recruit and Specialist Search Cat. Arnold’s trainer (whose identity we must keep a secret) has taught him a variety of exceptional skills, including the ability to leap over hoops!”

“We hope his training video spreads some joy and makes you and your kitty family feel a little better during this lockdown” (and yes, this was filmed before Alert Level 4).

In the following weeks, stay tuned for Arnold’s next adventure.”

Check out the video below:

Arnold was shot right before lockdown, according to Richards, as a means to “offer a little fun to folks during these difficult times.”

Many individuals expressed their joy in the comments, with one person writing:

“Wow, Arnold, what a magnificent cat you are!” I never imagined I’d see the day when a cat would apply for a job as a CATstable and get WHISKAD for it! It’s pawsable in every way!!”

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

Richards says Arnold is “very blessed” to be able to remain at home with his fiancée every day.

Arnold, it turns out, is unlike other cats in that he isn’t interested in hunting rodents and instead prefers to hunt people of all kinds. So, if there really was a Secret Cat Division, he’d be ideal for the position.

Richards stated, “He likes simply hanging around with us than hunting tiny creatures.”

“He’s more into villains than rats, therefore he’s a people guy.”

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

While the Secret Cat Division is on the lookout for cat thieves, other felines would rather live a life of crime. We recently told the story of two cat thieves who had a habit of taking home a variety of valuables.

Cats have also been known to stop crime in the real world. In Indianapolis, for example, a declawed cat named Binky used his teeth to thwart a would-be thief.

A burglar attempted to break into Cynthia Kootz’s house while she was at home. Binky then sprung into action, snarling and biting the intruder many times. As a consequence, the cat saved the day, and the cops apprehended the criminal.

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