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A Man Saves A Stray Kitten, Only To Discover She Isn’t Who She Appears To Be

Jared Allen Yost works for a landscaping firm in Minnesota, but he’s an animal lover first and foremost. So, when he recently heard what sounded like a creature in distress while on the job, he didn’t hesitate to investigate more.

Yost told The Dodo:

“I walked over to aid whatever was making those noises.” “Then I came across a kitten.”


Yost decided to save the stray kitten because there was no mother in sight and the weather was likely to turn bad. He took her home, fed her, and showed her around his family.

What Yost didn’t comprehend was that this was no ordinary cat.


Yost made plans to get the kitten examined by a veterinarian. In the meantime, he began to realize that something wasn’t quite right about this cat.

She kept making a loud noise, which Yost described as “not like a normal’meow.'”

Yost decided to search the internet for photos of newborn bobcats based on a hunch. And, indeed, his new kitten had many characteristics with the wild cats: “white triangles on the back of the ears, big paws, marks on the nose, and so on,” Yost said.

Her tail was also exceptionally short.


The Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center received photographs of Yost’s kitten. Employees at the company agreed:

The “stray kitten” turned out to be a bobcat.


When Yost discovered the kitten’s actual identity, he took her to a rehabilitation clinic to obtain the assistance she needed.

It’s unknown how the young bobcat lost its mother, but she’s being fostered to preserve her natural instincts in the hopes of being released one day. Yost has been getting updates on her condition and is confident that she will be able to resume her usual life.

“She’s doing fantastic!” says the narrator. Yost explained. “It appears she’ll be freed in the early fall.”


Though Yost’s time with the young bobcat was limited, he is grateful for the opportunity to assist her — and for people who dedicate their lives to assisting wildlife every day.

“It was an incredible experience,” he added, “and I would do it again and again.” “I’m pleased we have fantastic veterinarians and rehabilitation clinics where wild animals may receive care before being released back into the wild.”

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