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A Special Eyepatch Is Made For A Rescue Kitten Who Has Lost His Eye

Savannah Anas and a friend felt they had to act when they heard about a litter of kittens born in the middle of nowhere, all alone and in dire need of rescue. They travelled two and a half hours to save the kittens, only to discover that one of them had a severe, life-threatening eye infection when they arrived.

The ill kitten, subsequently named Scar, was in bad health, and the infection appeared to be so severe that Anas was concerned he wouldn’t survive it. She hurried him to the vet as soon as she could, hoping to save his life – only to be met with some devastating news.


“The doctor would not be able to link him up to monitors, slip a breathing tube down his throat, or know how the anesthetic was affecting him throughout the surgery since Scar was so little at only 2 weeks old and 8.5 ounces,” Anas, a marine biologist and animal advocate, told The Dodo. “As a result, it was a very high-risk procedure.”

Anas was advised by the vet that while there was a good possibility Scar wouldn’t survive the surgery, he also wouldn’t survive without it. They chose to take a chance and proceed with the operation in the hopes of saving Scar’s life.


Surprisingly, it worked. Scar’s eye and all the diseased regions around it were successfully removed by the veterinarian, and the small kitten survived the procedure. Anas knew Scar was meant to be hers as soon as she heard the news, and she brought the miraculous cat home with her.

Anas had to bottle-feed Scar every two hours since he was still so young, but Scar is now a happy, healthy little kitten with no health concerns. His only flaw is that one of his eyes is gone, but his new mother has figured out how to cure it as well.


Scar’s mother chose to have a small eyepatch created for him to assist keep his stitches clean and safe following his operation. Because he was so small, she often had to drive him to lessons and errands, and he wore the eyepatch wherever he went, much to the pleasure of everyone he met.


“Scar likes his eye patch,” Anas added, “and it doesn’t affect him at all.” “He never attempts to remove it.” Instead of people being scared of him because he doesn’t have an eye, I think it made him more accessible.”


Scar is currently around 6 weeks old and is the most active and energetic cat I’ve ever met. He may have had a difficult start in life, but he’s now happy than ever, eager to embark on any new journey with his mother at his side.


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