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He Wasn’t Expecting To Find A Little Kitten Alone In The Woods

Mathieu Patry was riding his bike along a forested route near his house in Quebec, Canada, last month when he noticed something tiny and hairy.

There was a small cat alone just off the walkway.

Patry told The Dodo, “At first, I assumed it was a household cat.” “So I got off my mountain bike and went to investigate.”

It turns out he was mistaken.


Patry observed that this particular kitten was not your ordinary home cat upon closer investigation. The characteristics of the little kitten were essential in revealing his genuine, untamed identity.

“I noticed his paws and knew it was a lynx right away,” Patry added. “Then I noticed the small round ears, and then I noticed that he just had a teeny-tiny tail. The fact that it was a lynx astonished me much.”


Patry felt that the best thing to do was to leave the kitten alone and continue on his walk, unsure if he had been orphaned or if his mother was still around — but the tiny lynx never left his thoughts.

Patry returned to the location the next day, just in case. The lynx was still there, but this time he was wailing. Unfortunately, his mother was still missing.

Patry opted to assist the defenseless infant because he was afraid he wouldn’t make it on his own.


The lynx kitten was no longer alone.


Patry took the young lynx home and sought assistance from wildlife rehabbers at a nearby zoo. They told him to feed and hydrate the lynx until they could take him into their care.


Patry discovered the next morning, after leaving the lynx off with his new carers, that the kitten was considerably smaller than he should have been at this time of year, implying that he had been fighting to survive on his own for some time before Patry discovered him.

But things are starting to look up.

“When he is healthy enough, the zoo will host him for a bit before releasing him into the wild,” Patry added.


Hopefully, the tiny lynx’s situation will improve and he will be able to resume his usual existence. Patry, on the other hand, is grateful to have given him a second opportunity.

“I adore all animals, so it was only natural for me to attempt to help him,” Patry explained. “I am relieved to learn that he is safe and well. I am relieved that he will live. He’s really attractive.”

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