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One Day, A Strange Baby Appears On The Back Of A Little Kitten

Blanquis, a little white kitten, may be less than a year old, but she already understands what it means to have an open heart better than others.

In fact, you might argue she’s repaying the favor.

Yessica Rodriguez discovered Blanquis stranded in the streets near her house in Altamira, Mexico, in December. Rodriguez took it upon herself to stand in for Blanquis’ mother, rearing the kitten as a part of the family, despite the fact that her eyes were yet to open.

Blanquis had grown into a lovely young lady, and she had evidently seen the affection that had enabled this.


Rodriguez was getting ready for work on Friday morning when she heard her husband reach out to her with some unexpected news.

Rodriguez told The Dodo, “He said, ‘You have to come down here.'” “‘Your kitty is carrying an animal!”

Rodriguez, perplexed as to what he’d meant, dashed down to investigate — and this is what she found:


Rodriguez couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Blanquis did, in fact, have a little passenger.

“It was a newborn opossum, much to my amazement,” Rodriguez added.


Blanquis didn’t say where he found the young opossum or how he had lost his mother, but the little fellow was definitely in need of a father figure.

As a result, Blanquis had obviously permitted him to clamber onto her back and be carried to the safety of her house.

Rodriguez stated, “I know this is how their mother transfers them.” “He was brought to me by Blancquis.”


Rodriguez contacted a wildlife expert to learn how to care for the baby opossum until he could be placed in the hands of a professional. Filling in for the mom opossum, on the other hand, appeared to come effortlessly to Blanquis.

Even though Blanquis is unable to feed the opossum herself, she treats him as if he were her own.


Rodriguez stated, “She licks at him like if it’s nothing.” “It’s extremely moving to witness her care for other creatures.”


Although the young opossum will most likely only be with them for a short time, Rodriguez has been moved by watching Blanquis save him and keep him warm and secure for the time being, knowing that the kitty is carrying on the history of love that began with her own rescue.

“It appears to me to be a sign of gratitude. It has a delicate texture “Rodriguez stated his opinion. “Blanquis is one of our favorite characters. She is a unique individual.”

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