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Kitten Moves Into An Apartment, Makes It His Home And Takes Over

A sweet stray kitten finds its way into the basement of a New York apartment complex. Curiosity, and maybe hunger, drove him to look into it. The rambunctious kitty wandered into an apartment and chose to make it his home.

Caleigh Farragher, a resident of the building, noticed the small fur ball near the maintenance area and decided to draw it to his attention. The kitty strolled straight towards her and escorted her to her apartment without hesitation.

Caleigh stated:

“Normally, the maintenance door is closed, but it was open (that day), and the beautiful kitty ran up to us.”


Caleigh ran around looking for the mother cat and additional kittens, but she couldn’t find them. The weather was severe, and the kitten would not be able to return to the streets. As a result, she greeted him as he returned home. The kitty was very friendly and interested, wandering and playing joyfully all over the room.

Caleigh’s grandma, a cat lover, died just a few days ago. Caleigh was comforted and reassured when the tabby kitten came at the right moment and in the right location.

The lady reassures:

“It’s as though my grandma visited us through the kitty.”


Caleigh called the cat Patty after her grandma since she initially mistook the kitten for a girl. They found that Patty is an enthusiastic boy after a visit to the vet, but they chose to keep her name.

Caleigh was greeted every morning by a very energetic feline clock, which licked her face and followed her about the house as she prepared to go.


Patty grew up quickly, was active, and her personality shone through. The kitten learned how to play fetch and had a great time racing around. He was always on the move, climbing and playing everywhere he went.


Caleigh guarantees:

He’s always leaping and sprinting. He adores playing fetch! He’s extremely excellent at it now. A crumpled receipt is his favorite toy.


Caleigh is well aware that she will always have the kitty by her side as a coworker when she is at the computer. Patty simply wants to assist her mother with her errands, and she frequently lends her a helping hand.


Patty just had her first birthday, and she has been showering her family with love and laughter nonstop since then. The mother of the kitty says:

I’m really pleased I came across it. He’s one of my fave ruffians.

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