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This Cat Looks After And Feeds His Disabled Best Friend, He Achieves A New Level Of Friendship

Norang appears to be exactly like any other cat at first look. With his luxuriant tail and the Garfiled-like fur pattern, he looks stunning. Norang can’t walk about like other felines since his rear legs were severely wounded when he was a kitten.

Credit: Thebestcatpage

Fortunately, he has a friend who can assist him. Nabi, Norang’s best buddy, is always there to help him. Here’s a picture of the two of them in their cardboard home.

Credit: Thebestcatpage

Nabi isn’t simply there to assist Norang with his movements. He also defends his closest friend from stray animals.

Credit: Thebestcatpage

When the cat discovers food, it grooms his closest friend and lets him eat first.

Credit: Thebestcatpage

The two cats are no longer homeless, thanks to the viral photos of Nabi and Norang. They were cared for in an animal shelter before being adopted by a new owner who treats Norang and Nabi with the respect they deserve.

Take a look at a video of the kitties in their new digs:

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