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When A Woman Adopts A Shelter Kitten, She Discovers That He Is Completely Covered With Hearts

Katie Duda was grieving the loss of her cat Lucky when she came across a photo of two kittens at Wrenn Rescues looking for a home. Duda could tell there was something unique about River when she brought him and his brother up from their foster family.

When I took them up from the foster home, I thought I spotted a large heart on his chest, but I wasn’t sure,” Duda told The Dodo. “I didn’t even bother to look at them or play with them.” Wrenn Rescues is a company I trust.”


River was bashful and wanted to hide at home, so Duda created a nice room for him with all the space he needed. Duda began to notice more heart-shaped patches on River’s coat as he got more at ease with his new family.

“I confirmed [one] on his chest, observed his nose was more heart-shaped than other cats, then under his paws, chin, and other places,” Duda said. “We’ve identified seven full hearts so far, as well as two locations that appear to be heart-shaped at times.”


The kitty isn’t only covered in hearts; he’s also full of love.

“River has an old spirit,” remarked Duda. “He’s composed, attentive, and kind.” With River and Remi by their sides, my children have been able to grieve and recover in a gentle manner.”

“I anticipated the kittens to bring us joy, but they’ve really provided us calm,” she continued. “The heart-covered River is healing wounded souls.”


River enjoys spending time with his human siblings, but he is always on the lookout for his kitten brother.

River is roughly twice Remi’s size and serves as his protector, according to Duda. “Remi wanted to sit in a huge potted plant in our dining room the other day. Remi was irritated because I had put foil in the pot to keep the kittens from playing in the mud. River graciously removed the foil for Remi, allowing him to lie in the soil.”


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