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Cat Spends A Year Entangled In Fishing Nets, And Her Baby Suffers The Same Fate

This narrative takes place in a South Korean fishing hamlet. There, a kitty was trapped in a net with one of her puppies for a long period, causing her great suffering.

Cats and fishing nets do not get along. Many cats are attracted to the smell of fish, putting their lives in risk.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

They also have a tendency to toy with the tangle of strands, oblivious to the danger they are putting themselves in. One of these nets caught a cat one day. He began to meow in sorrow right away, and thankfully, his cries were heard by the correct person.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

A local woman rushed over to assist her, cutting the net just enough for the kitten to escape, but due to her nervousness and fear, the woman was unable to entirely remove the net from the animal’s body. The majority of it clung to his neck and front legs.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

The kitten continued to live with this condition, despite the fact that the lady was convinced it was a serious threat to her health. The cat grew pregnant over time, and when she gave birth, one of her puppies experienced the same fate as the mother: she was imprisoned in the net she wore on her body.

The lady realized that the situation could not be put off any longer, and because she lacked the resources to help herself, she sought expert assistance. When the rescue crew arrived, they immediately began assessing the kitten’s behavior. They noted that, despite her nightmare, she did not neglect her other children for a single second.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

They did not waste any time in putting a cage with food in front of the self-sacrificing mother, who needed aid as soon as possible. It was quite simple to grab the mother and the children who were entwined with her. They rescued the remaining kittens and used the chance to check their condition. Except for the injuries inflicted by the fishing net, everyone in the family was doing OK.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

The kitten was anesthetized and successfully treated once the net was removed from her body. Her calf injuries were minimal, therefore she was able to heal quickly.

Fortunately for the entire family, they were able to be transported to safety, on their journey to a new life, far away from the perils of fishing nets and other items that, like these, are capable of inflicting major life-threatening illnesses in many animals.

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