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Family Welcomes A Newborn Baby, Then They Notice A Sudden Change In Their Dog

Astro the dog was adopted a couple of years ago by Corey Jordan and his fiancée Elsa. Not much is known about his early life, but one thing is sure, he totally adores his new parents. So much that he normally insists on sleeping positioned between them in bed.

The couple refers to it as his “spot” — but lately, the pooch experienced a sudden change.

Corey and Elsa are currently celebrating the arrival of their first baby, a boy that they named Noah. But it appears they weren’t the only ones impatiently expecting the baby’s joyful birth.

“Astro is a sweet boy and very loving,” Corey shared. “During the pregnancy, he was always near Elsa and would be very protective of her stomach if people were over. He never leaves her side. He’d occasionally lay his head on her belly or put his paw on it and just hang out.”

The couple wasn’t certain if Astro really comprehended what was happening, or the way he would behave when Noah at last came into the world.

At first, upon taking Noah home, the dog was a bit confused by the baby.

Pretty soon, however, he realized what was going on.

“Astro sniffed Noah all over and then ran to his mommy,” Corey stated. “He sniffed her and got some pats, but then seemed confused. He went back to Noah and sniffed him again. Then he kind of looked at us like, ‘Oh, OK. This is what was in Mommy’s belly — got it. I’ll keep him safe.’”

Shortly it became apparent that, after a great deal of snuggling between Corey and Elsa, Astro had found a spot he loves much more — by baby Noah’s side. Ever since, that’s the place the loyal pooch spends the night, a transformation of conduct that arrived as quite an enjoyable surprise to his family.

“To see Astro give up his spot, for any amount of time at night, is surprising because he has always slept there,” Corey shared.

Being an infant, Noah is clearly never beyond reach or sight of his mom and dad, but Astro always insists on overseeing the baby while they adapt to their new activities.

While Corey and Elsa keep learning the particulars of parenthood, they are happy to know that Noah now has such a devoted companion in Astro.

“I think he’ll be a great brother. Astro is very patient and loving,” Corey shared. “As far as their bond goes, I can see it becoming better and better as Noah gets older and starts to understand things. He’s going to love his big brother.”

More info: Instagram | h/t: TheDodo

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