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His Cats And Dogs Accepted Him After His Family Brought A Kitten Home To Care For Him

A family brought a little kitten into their home with the intention of caring for him and providing a foster home for him, but his cats and dogs took him in as their own. After seeing it on the internet, a kind-hearted person rescued the small gray kitten early this year.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

Un Chat à la Fois’s originator, Marie Simard, said:

“He was so little for his age because his gut was full of worms.”

Felix’s major health problems made him feel vulnerable and ill after arriving at the rescue facility, which worried everyone.

Felix’s recovery was to begin in the warmth of a loving home, so Meg, a volunteer, stepped in to help. As a result, she informed the group that she wanted to take him to her caring and comfortable house.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

Casper and Felix struck up an instant relationship and began hugging, playing together, and sleeping together as soon as they met.

Marie had this to say:

“Felix was chewing Casper’s ears and toes while battling with his tail. Casper was enamored with it and let her do whatever she wanted with it. Felix was becoming a favorite of Casper’s. He’d lost his morning sparring partner and bedtime cuddling buddy, but Felix quickly took his place.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

Meg continued:

“Felix is always on the move and makes the loveliest meows when he’s overjoyed. He has no fear of anything.”

Artillero, a lovable 7-year-old chocolate-colored dog, was overjoyed to share his blanket with his new feline companion. Felix enjoys chasing Trunks the cat around the kitchen, and it remains one of his favorite pastimes despite the passage of time.

He also enjoys spending time with Zelda, an 8-year-old cat who adores cuddling with the family’s youngest member. When it came time to locate Felix a permanent home, everyone realized he had already been found by the kitten.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

Marie came to a conclusion:

“Felix’s foster family officially adopted him. From the beginning, everyone knew he was a member of the family.

Felix has grown into a young cat, pleasant and full of love to give; when visitors come, he greets them with a tiny smile. Felix and his best buddy and brother Casper, who are inseparable, hide under the covers every night as though they were telling stories before going to sleep.

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