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When His Owner Attempted To Photograph Her New Kitten, This Cat  Gave The Most Irritated Expression

Madison Ellis is a University of Florida junior pursuing a career as a veterinarian. She is now rearing eight cats, five dogs, and a pig, as if that wasn’t enough proof of her passion for animals. Her animals are mostly rescues.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

Madison told BuzzFeed News that she looks after all of her animals herself, with occasional assistance from her mother, with whom she lives.

Madison’s newest acquisition is Cinderella, a 2-month-old cat who goes by the name Ella. Madison rescued the kitty after nearly driving her over one night on a dark road.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

“I was driving home late one night around 2 a.m. when I came around a tight bend on the road I live on and there were a ton of kittens just everywhere,” she added.

Madison said she was able to straddle Ella in the space between her car tires and avoid striking her. She picked up the kitten and drove her to the nearest emergency clinic. Ella was in perfect condition, and Madison drove her home.

Madison described Ella as the “funniest kitty.” “She is unafraid of anything. She enjoys chasing my dogs around the house and taunts my other cats, who are at least three times her size.”

Credit: Tugatocurioso

She described him as “a really lovely kitty that loves to be carried about the house as I clean [and] cook.”

Madison feeds her cats in a bathtub to keep their food away from her dogs because she has so many. Ella has never joined before because she has her own kitty food, but she recently did so by herself. Madison stated that she attempted to photograph the adorable event right away.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

“If you’re a pet owner, you know there’s never a bad time to photograph your dogs,” she added.

The photo-taking of the new kitten, on the other hand, did not delight Jesus. He expressed his anger by photobombing Ella’s photo.

Credit: Tugatocurioso

“Mahm, pay attention to what I’m saying.”

Credit: Tugatocurioso

Madison decided to share the ensuing image on Twitter since it was so funny. It went viral, and people were completely enamored by the envious kitten.

Other people began to share their own photographs of envious cats, and they were all too adorable.

Photobomb alert!

Madison stated that she had not anticipated her photo being that famous on the internet.

“It’s been a whirlwind! But in a positive sense “she stated

Don’t worry, boys; I’m confident you’ll be best friends in no time!

Credit: Tugatocurioso

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