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The Tiniest Kitten Is Raised As One Of Her Puppies By A Dog Mom

Nala had been abandoned alone in a filthy lane since she was a baby. The little tabby’s screams were heard by a caring neighbor, who took her to Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) in Spokane, Washington.

The small cat had never known love from a mother, but two unique mothers would soon step up to help her develop into a strong woman.


Nala had to be put with a foster home at such an early age in order to have the best chance of survival. Jamie Myers leapt at the chance to take in the cat after seeing a call for aid on Facebook. She was fostering a cat that had recently lost several of her kittens, and she thought Nala would fit right in.

“‘My mother is really nice,’ I told her, since she was approximately a week and a half younger than my group. Let’s see if she can nurse since she’s been extremely accepting.'” Myers told The Dodo about it. “Nala started nursing right immediately, and Mama brought her in right away. She began kissing her, grooming her, and expressing her acceptance and affection for her.”


Nala wasn’t quite large enough to find her forever home by the time the mom cat and her kids were ready to be adopted.

Myers remarked, “She did everything later than the rest of the group.” “She still kept her eyes closed when they all opened their eyes, and as they started toddling around, she was still hooked onto Mama feeding.”

Nala was alone once more, but only for a little while. Myers had lately taken in a dog named Izzy who had just given birth to puppies. Despite the fact that Izzy’s paws were already full from caring for her own litter, she was still eager to adopt the lone kitten.


“The mom dog continued attempting to get Nala, pick her up, and put her in with the rest of her puppies,” Myers explained. “She just believed one of the kids had gotten out and was missing, so she continued attempting to put it back.”

Izzy became increasingly adamant that Nala belonged with her, and Myers ultimately agreed to take a chance. “Izzy had to get up from breastfeeding to chase the kitten across the floor,” Myers recalled. “She was attempting to convey to us that this small thing is a member of my family.”


Myers put Nala in Izzy’s enclosure and supervised their interactions to assist the mom dog calm down. When Nala joined the group, there was a noticeable difference, and Myers felt she had done the right thing for both the dog and the cat.

“As soon as we placed Nala in with her puppies, she settled down and was happy, and everything was back to normal in her world,” Myers said. “And Nala simply fit right in with her second foster home, with all these tiny warm bodies for snuggles and affection, and a new fur mom to care for her.”


“She would get in and out of [the pen] on her own,” Nala said of her new routine with her dog family. So after she was done cuddling, she’d go outside and eat her cat food and play for a few minutes before returning “Myers remarked. “She was constantly in there sleeping with them whenever she needed to sleep.”


Nala got bigger and was finally ready for adoption thanks to the love and care of her three foster homes – a dog, a cat, and a human.

Izzy, on the other hand, found Nala’s departure from the house to be bittersweet. Fortunately, Myers knew just what to do to calm Izzy down.

She decided to foster a pair of connected cat sisters who were in dire need of love and attention. “Now Izzy has two additional kittens she’s loving on,” Myers said, adding that Izzy couldn’t be happier.


Izzy demonstrates that a mother’s love knows no limits, regardless of the species.

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