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When A Boy Sees A Kitten That Is Unable To Walk, He Decides To Help Her

Joo, who is only nine years old, may not have as much life experience as others, but he understands the value of kindness better than others.

As a result, a tiny cat with a handicap is having the time of her life like she’s never had before.


Joo is a resident in Paraná, Brazil, and he just paid a visit to a neighbor. He’d been longing to spend time with a litter of kittens that had been born there a few weeks before. But something didn’t feel quite right.

“He spotted a kitten that couldn’t walk,” the boy’s mother, Rogéria Bello Corazza, posted online. “He was heartbroken to watch the other kittens playing when she couldn’t.”

Joo made the decision to alter her life at that point.


“When he got home, he started thinking about how he might assist,” Corazza wrote.

Joo reasoned that the cat would benefit from a mobility cart, but that she would require one that was quite small to accommodate her petite body. As a result, he became inventive. Joo made a miniature, handmade wheelchair for the kitty who couldn’t walk with the aid of a friend who loaned him some supplies.

And, sure enough, “after only a few minutes,” Corazza reported, “she was walking.”

Here’s a video of the cat, courtesy to Joo, finally discovering she can move about on her own:

Although the reason of the kitten’s handicap is unknown, her spirit is undeniably strong.

Fortunately, she’s made a friend in Joo, who will help her reach her full potential and cheer her on at every step.


“The nicest part was his delight of being able to help,” Corazza stated.

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