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They Built This  Cat A Lovely Small Cottage Since She Kept Going To The Police Station

The SWAT squad of the Boston Police Department in the United States enjoyed the charming company of a stray kitten who visited the barracks on a regular basis for several years until she chose to make it her new home. The cops dubbed her Cat SWAT, and they’ve been on the watch for her ever since.

In little time, the SWAT squad had fallen head over heels for their new feline member. While they returned from duty, Cat SWAT was usually there to meet them and liked cuddling up to their side when they sat outside the barracks.


When the cat from the barracks went missing for a few days, the team quickly put up a Facebook post on the department’s page. The colleagues were quite anxious about their pet kitten’s location.

According to a SWAT officer,

‘He’d become a member of the family.’ But she isn’t there, which is a bummer. It’s the equivalent of not seeing a cherished coworker at work.


Fortunately, SWAT Cat returned to the barracks on his own after a few days, with no knowledge of his whereabouts. The crew decided to do something special for their pet kitty and began construction of a little home that would fit her outside lifestyle.

The end effect was fantastic. Cat SWAT’s new home was fantastic, and now her private condo has confirmed the kitten’s position in the hearts of these cops.


The department said on Facebook in another post:

“Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year Boston Police Department veteran, spent several nights after work meticulously arranging SWAT Cat’s new home. The apartment has a big studio-style layout, a wide patio for al fresco dining, and sliding glass doors with spectacular city views.


SWAT Cat, on the other hand, adored her new small house; she was overjoyed and eagerly visited each room that had been specifically created for her pleasure; her new home was extremely elegant.

In addition, the police department wrote:

“Swat Cat was quick to settle in and seemed to be quite pleased with her new bespoke cat shelter.”


Of course, her comrades would like to see SWAT Cat leave her free-spirited days behind her and focus only on the comfort and safety of life on the team, but they are content to have her around and look after her in any way they can.

It’s still a huge accomplishment for the crew that they now have their own cat apartment, and SWAT Cat loves it.

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