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To Protect Their Sister, Two Abandoned Cat Brothers Crowded Around Her

Two abandoned cat brothers provided the most visible evidence that animals always teach us lessons in unity, dignity, and kindness. They were discovered cuddling close to their sibling in order to protect her.

This is shown in the touching tale of Megan Sorbara, president of the Gatuna Alliance of Naples (Naples Cat Alliance) in Florida, who was on his way to get ice cream on a hot summer day when he received a message about several kittens in need.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

When Megan arrived, she noticed that the three kittens were truly something to behold.

Two tabby kittens cuddled protectively over their sister, a white kitten who was shivering as her two brothers tried to calm her.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

Megan took the kittens to a shelter where they could be treated more readily; the white kitten appeared to have a very noticeable head tilt, which caused her balance issues.

He could, however, roll anywhere he pleased and had a voracious appetite.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

Praline and Pistachio were given to the tabby kittens, while Coconut was given to their white sibling.

Megan was personally charged with feeding the tiny kittens from a bottle while also directing attempts to discover the abandoned babies’ mother.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

However, despite their best efforts, they have been unable to locate the fugitive mother.

Fortunately, the kittens have found companionship in Megan’s dog, Bitsy, who has happily acted as a surrogate mother.

His heartbreak at not having his mommy nearby from whom they should receive food and protection was quickly healed, and they had the best canine foster mother.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

Little Coconut, for her part, has improved her health and is learning to stand up straighter, and Bitsy takes it upon herself to nurture and care for her in the process.

Megan had no idea her dog would fill the role of mother so flawlessly and with such devotion and self-denial.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

When the kittens reach an acceptable age, they will be placed for adoption in order to find loving family to give them with love and care.

Truly a wonderful story of the tiny tabby kittens’ brotherly love for their sister, especially when she needed their aid and support.

This trio was born into the world, and they battle through thick and thin as the greatest brothers they can be.

Credit: Megan Sorbara

As usual, we encourage you to visit your local animal shelter; even if you are unable to adopt a pet, you can always volunteer, as any type of aid is always welcomed, and who knows, maybe you will be able to improve the lives of more than one furry companion in the process.

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