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When The New Kitten Rejects The Kitten Who Wished For A Little Sister, The Kitten Who Wished For A Little Sister Prepares Herself With Patience

Titak is a delightful kitty that lives with her human mother, Simin Zargaran. Titak demonstrated for years that he had boundless energy and that he liked the company of people and other little animals.

Credit: @titakandbolur

The kitten hated being left alone, and when her owners learned how gregarious she was, they thought it was time to acquire a new furry friend.

Credit: @titakandbolur

Simin learned about rescued newborn kittens at that time. The kitten litter had been abandoned by its mother when they were only four weeks old.

Many days passed without food, and when the mother returned, she was frail and injured.

Credit: @titakandbolur

Local neighbours alerted rescuers, who quickly took the kittens into their care. The vets attempted to save the mother, but their efforts were futile. He had died as a result of his severe injuries.

Credit: @titakandbolur

The kittens needed to be adopted, and Simin saw this as the ideal opportunity to give Titak the little sister he had always desired. Bolur, a white kitten with black patches, was their new addition.

Credit: @titakandbolur

Bolur began to meow loudly as she arrived at her new home, and Titak ran over to greet her. The tabby kitten yearned to be near the new kitten, but Bolur was terrified and refused Titak.

Credit: @titakandbolur

Titak braced himself. He escorted Bolur to every part of the home for weeks, letting her play with her favorite toys. He attempted to come near to her and even give her small kisses on the ears on multiple occasions, but she wouldn’t let him.

Credit: @titakandbolur

After numerous efforts, the bashful Bolur finally began to play with her elder sister. They’ve grown inseparable since then.

“That was a beautiful moment.” “They began to play with each other, and Bolur even let Titak groom her,” Simin explained.

Credit: @titakandbolur

The adorable cat that was born on the streets and lost her mother is now safe in the care of a beautiful elder sister.

It took him a few weeks to realize he could trust her, but they eventually formed a really unique friendship.

“I am overjoyed and glad to have my two kittens,” Simin said.

Titak was intended to be a protective and exemplary sister because of her enormous heart.

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