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When His Younger Sibling Is Scared In A Shelter Cage, A Cat Comforts Him

Even the boldest of people might be terrified of a doctor’s appointment. No one enjoys going to the hospital, whether they are the sick or the companion. The mere mention of an injection or a dentist’s drill causes us to seek the solace of a loved one.

This is the situation with these two kittens, who console one other during one of their numerous clinic appointments after being abandoned together in the shelter.

Credit: Friends of Cumberland Co, NC Shelter Animals

A touching video of two red-haired cats inside a cage while waiting to be treated by a doctor has gone viral throughout the internet.

To ease their fears, the elder of the brothers tenderly touches the youngest.

Credit: Friends of Cumberland Co, NC Shelter Animals

When you observe him, the only thing you can conceive is that he attempts to convince him: Everything will be alright! He rests his paw on his chest and moves it up and down between cuddles.

The kitten getting the consolation, for its part, becomes a little more at ease with the scenario, despite the fact that its eyes were a touch moist. And it’s natural for a defenseless tiny kitten to be nervous while he’s trapped in a chilly cage waiting to be examined.

Credit: Friends of Cumberland Co, NC Shelter Animals

The interesting part is that this video was shot by the veterinary nurse who took care of the cats. She, like the rest of us, was taken aback by the kittens’ sympathetic demeanor.

“Oh my goodness, you two really need to stick together, huh.” “Oh, look at that,” the nurse exclaimed.

Credit: Friends of Cumberland Co, NC Shelter Animals

The actions of the bigger brother, in particular, had an impression on him; he acted in the same manner that a mother or an older sister would encourage the small one at home when they went to the hospital.

This also demonstrates that cats may learn to recognize certain circumstances and experience empathy when they see a loved one is scared, in pain, or concerned. Although this is a more appropriate attitude for dogs, cats may empathise and help their partners if the situation calls for it.

Despite this obvious demonstration of compassion, there are still those who believe that animals cannot show affection to others, and they cannot be more mistaken.

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