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Kitten Is So Happy To Have Been Adopted That She Carries Her Slippers To Bed With Her Mum

Gratitude is a virtue that not everyone is capable of possessing, but with pets, the situation is different, as this adorable kitten demonstrates.

It’s about Lulu, a kitten who, after years of being on the streets, finally found a home where she’s treated like royalty, which is why she learnt to do something special for her owner.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

This kitten’s tale is similar to that of hundreds of other homeless animals, but not all of them have a happy ending like hers, which is why Lulu insists on looking after her owner.

The kitten is ten years old and spent the first year of her life at a shelter before being adopted. She had skin issues and matted fur when they found her, so it took a few months before she was placed up for adoption.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

Inside the shelter, the kitten met her present owner, Kayla’s mother, and it was the lady who persuaded Kayla to give the kitten a chance.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

“I attempted to persuade my mother to have a cat, but she was well aware of the situation. (Lulu) had been at the shelter for a year, and no one was interested in her due to her health issues. She suffered renal problems and ingrown toenails as a result of living in a cage that was too small for her. “When we originally got her, she couldn’t even hop,” Kayla explained.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

Lulu had already become an essential member of the family in the months following her adoption, and her attitude and health had dramatically transformed. In fact, the tabby kitten’s whole coat was replaced with a fluffy and velvety one.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

Lulu was surprised to learn of Kayla’s practice of wearing her slippers to her mother’s bedside. When the mother awoke one morning with one of the kittens in her jaws, she proudly deposited it on the ground, meowed, and went out to get the other.

The owner couldn’t believe what her young kid was doing; everything looked strange to her, but it wasn’t the first time this happened.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

Lulu had apparently spotted Kayla’s mother donning shoes every time she got up and decided to approach them to help her with her work, a gesture that enraged the owner. Kayla, in reality, did not trust what her mother had told her.

“When it happened the first time, my mother was astonished and donned the slime-covered shoes to cheer on Lulu,” he explained.

Credit: lulutheslippercat

Despite the fact that the woman was wearing proof of Lulu’s appreciation, Kayla was skeptical of the kitten’s ability to perform such a thing. She didn’t trust him until her mother recorded a video of her as proof.

Kayla admits, “I didn’t trust him until he recorded it on tape.”

Not just the pups, but all animals to whom we offer even a smidgeon of affection are thankful, and this is especially true if they have had a terrible background like this kitten’s.

Lulu understands that she is now safe and that her misery is a distant memory, therefore she simply wants to pamper her human as much as the lady pampers her.

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