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After A Kind Couple Fed A Stray Cat, She Returned With Her Adorable Kitten

If you have a pet, you will realize that the pet occasionally prefers the person above the other.

Ivie Lee and her partner Jason are a wonderful pair who reside in a Pasadena apartment. The couple noticed a stray cat with scruffy black and white fur prowling around their building on a daily basis, so they fed her by opening the alley entrance each morning. They named the cat Mary and made sure to have cat food on hand whenever she visited.

The couple was pleased that they had been able to feed the cat virtually every day for a year. But Mary vanished one morning, and weeks went by with no sign of her. Jason and Ivie were concerned that something terrible had happened to her.

Mary had returned to their area, but she was accompanied by a friend. “Wait till you see what happened when she returned!!!!!” Ivie expressed herself on Twitter.

Mary had been pregnant and had given birth to one kitten, and she had now returned with her baby to the home where she had been fed previously. Mary’s faith in Ivie and Jason was evident in the fact that she brought her cat to them. On her Twitter page, Ivie posted a cute video of the cat mom and kitten, which instantly went viral. The short and sweet video was a hit with everyone!

The pair realized they had to do something to aid Mary and the cat as soon as they spotted them. As a result, Ivie and Jason made the decision to adopt Mary and her cat.

They took Mary and her kitten to a local vet clinic for an examination, and they also made arrangements for Mary to be spayed. Fortunately, they were both in good condition, and Mary was presently resting and recuperating. She was doing fantastically! Ivie and Jason set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of their unexpected home guests. They rapidly met their target of $2,000 with the support of their Twitter followers to help the kitties with medical tests, vaccines, food, and other expenditures.

Ivie and Jason adopted Mary and her cat once she recovered, and they immediately adapted into their new home. Ivie’s Twitter feed has additional images of Mary with her kitty if you want to view them.

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