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A Stray Cat Leads Rescuers To Her Kittens, One Of Whom Is Always Winking

Kolony Kats (a TNR-based rescueKris )’s and Kia Papiernik have been caring for feral cat colonies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for many years. They stop whenever they see a cat outside to feed it, check with the neighbors, and give assistance.

They observed a stray crossing the street last week while traveling their regular route. “No one was outside on this particular day since it was frigid. We pulled over to give the cat some food, and it was then that we realized she was breastfeeding or nursing ” Kris stated.

Credit: Kolony Kats

The cat was friendly, but a little wary of strangers. They decided to stay in their car and wait to see where she went next. “When we see a nursing mom cat, we usually use this approach. They ‘take us’ to their kittens on a regular basis.”

Credit: Kolony Kats

The cat strolled over to a neighbor’s front porch, where they located a few cardboard boxes and other debris. They looked all around the area, trying to find the nest. “Lo and behold, there were four small fluff balls inside an old beat up cardboard box.”

The cat was a stray, according to the homeowner, and this is her fourth litter in the previous two years. They volunteered to rescue the family so that the kittens would not wind up wandering the streets and the cycle would be broken.

“He concurred. We returned the next day and picked up this small family. That’s when we realized we had a special kitty on our hands.”

Credit: Kolony Kats

The litter’s runt had one eye and a cleft lip, much to their astonishment. Despite being the tiniest of the group, he was the bravest and most outspoken. The five-person family was sent to the veterinarian right away for a checkup.

“Everyone did quite well on their exams. Under the circumstances, Mama took excellent care of these babies “Kia said.

“Cleft lip and anophthalmia, a hereditary condition characterized by the lack of the eyeball and ocular tissue, were diagnosed in the unusual newborn. Both of these issues are completely aesthetic in nature and will have no impact on his quality of life.”

Credit: Kolony Kats

The tiny family was welcomed into Roe’s caring foster home by Roe, a volunteer. Eleanor, the cat mom, was happy to be secure and warm again. She began kneading and purring since she was so happy in her cozy home.

She sat down in her new bed and returned to care for and spoiling her kittens.

Credit: Kolony Kats

Kurduroy, the kitten with the cleft lip, is a few ounces lighter than his siblings Koko, Kelsi, and Kirby. But what he lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in charisma.

“He is the most outgoing of the group. He makes a lot of noise and has only lately found the water dish. He is enthralled by water and enjoys playing with it “Kia said.

“He may have a different appearance than his littermates, but his mother and siblings treat him the same.”

Credit: Kolony Kats

The kittens adore their younger sibling and battle with one another as they try to learn out how to cat. Mama Eleanor is a watchful and caring mother. She keeps an eye on them the entire time, making sure no one forgets to take a wash.

In this video, you can see a cute family:

“We were able to get these infants just in time! They would have started exploring off the porch they were born on in another two weeks or so, placing them in grave danger “Kris said.

The five-person family is currently prospering in foster care.

Credit: Kolony Kats

“Mama will never be responsible for another litter. She now has the ability to transform into a cat. Her children will never know what it’s like to sleep in bitter cold, to be injured, to battle for territory or food, or to be pursued by those who don’t want them around.”

They’ll be ready for their new chapter in life, their forever loving homes, in a few weeks.

Credit: Kolony Kats

“Momma is a total sweetheart. She lets me touch her baby and gives me cuddles while I do so “Roe said.

“The kittens are now all over a pound and thriving really well. Eleanor ensures that they are all well nourished and groomed.”

Credit: Kolony Kats

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