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3 Exceptional Situation Adopting Kittens With Adorable Bonding Makes Their Dream Come True

Many rescued kittens have a strong kinship, a type of camaraderie that makes them feel like brothers even if they are not related by blood.

This is the story of three kittens that arrived to Wrenn Rescues at separate periods, each with a similar circumstance and the same desire to find a new home.

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

Odahviing, who was born with a bilateral cleft lip, was the first to arrive. He was rescued while wailing within a vehicle engine. He had to be tube fed for the first two weeks due to his condition.

Fortunately, he emerged from his shell, and he gradually began to eat alone, allowing his strong personality to blossom.

All animals, regardless of their condition, need to be cherished and appreciated.

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

Only a few weeks after his rescue, another kitten with exceptional problems, Attis, came. He has cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes involuntary motions in his body, and he is also blind.

Attis quickly learnt to develop his other senses and travel around the home without stumbling over anything from the first day he demonstrated himself to be a genuine warrior. Foster Care Volunteer Ashley Kelley from the Rescue Center had this to say:

“He hears and feels the vibrations with his whiskers, which he uses to keep track of everything.” You wouldn’t notice he’s blind if you didn’t know. She moves very well, running and jumping with the dexterity of a kitten her age.

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

In a short time, these two lovely kittens, Attis and Odahviing, were ready to meet. Surprisingly, their first encounter was so cute that they created a unique relationship and have been inseparable ever since.

Little Attis adores snuggling with his closest pal and sleeping next to him for lengthy periods of time. The arrival of a new kitten, whom he regards as a sibling, gave him a sense of security.

They progressed in leaps and bounds as a team.

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

When a wonderful cat named Matilda Beans joined them, their relationship was cemented even more. She arrived in awful condition at the rescue facility, required emergency treatment, and spent several days in critical care. Her caretaker had this to say about it:

“She was one of a litter that came in with an upper respiratory illness, and since she was so young, she was severely impacted. It took him a month of constant oxygen, many nebulizer treatments per day, extremely strong antibiotics, eye drops, and nasal drops to recover, but he was determined to survive and did so.

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

Matilda proved to be a tiny fighter, and her health began to improve after a long recuperation period. She was eager to share, meet new people, and begin adjusting to her new life.

Ashley had chosen the ideal friends for Matilda. Attis and Odahviing were his lifelong companions and brothers.

“When Matilda Beans met the lads, she fell in love right away. These three are inseparable and have always been the nicest of misfits. They brought a lot of delight to my entire house, each one so individual yet so complementing to the others.”

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

The three kittens were ready to be adopted and start a new life in a permanent home with somebody who would look after them.

Ashley’s biggest hope was to find them a home together, where they could continue to be happy and participate in charming antics. Despite the challenges, Ashley’s dream came realized when a family sought to adopt the three kittens.

Three distinct stories, but all centered on the need to be loved.

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

Ashley couldn’t believe how fortunate they were to have found each other. They now have a new existence as indoor kittens, where they each have their own strategy for conquering their new favorite people. According to a member of the new kitty family,

“They’re at the window if they’re not playing with each other or snuggling with me.” Odahviing, Attis, and Matilda Beans are our first stop on our adventure. “We’re giddy with anticipation.”

Credit: Bruceandfoxfosters

The wonderful effort of their foster mother and their new home allowed these furry kittens’ lives to improve since they were able to stay together, despite their looks and background.

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