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A Scared Little Kitten Is Found Stranded On An Overpass By A Driver Who Rescued Her 

Rob Acua Jr. was driving home from work along an overpass in Houston, Texas, earlier this week when something grabbed his attention – a fortunate sight that saved a life.

“As I drove by, I spotted a small hump on the motorway wall that occurred to look like a little face,” Acua told The Dodo. “Because it had been such a long day and I was so weary, I honestly felt I was seeing things.”

Acua went on his way, but a thought crossed his mind: What if that bump was alive?


Acua decided he needed to double-check a few minutes later. He exited the highway, turned around, and returned to the location. And it’s for the best that he did.

Acua sought and looked for the “bump” while driving slowly along the overpass with his danger lights on, only to realize that it was a scared small cat.

The following is a video of what happened next:

Acua’s instincts had been correct, and he’d saved the day as a result.

“I was in full disbelief the entire time!” Acua said. “I wouldn’t believe it occurred if it hadn’t been recorded on video!”

The kitten, who had been abandoned there, was in shock, according to her rescuer. Acua, on the other hand, was able to bring her to safety owing to his fast thinking.

He remarked, “I knew I barely had seconds to respond.”


The kitten was subsequently taken home by Aqua, who fed and bathed her.

Pepper was the name he and his family gave her.


Pepper’s hard history is now behind her, even if she was put in that life-threatening scenario by a nasty individual.

“She’s doing wonderfully!” exclaims the narrator. Acua said. “She’s starting to break out of her shell and show the world how spunky and precious she is after a few days of being allowed to unwind and rest. It’s difficult to think she was ever in that scenario in the first place.”


Acua and his family are no strangers to animal rescue; they frequently offer their homes to foster stray or abandoned animals in need of everlasting homes.

Pepper is clearly in good hands, and Acua is determined to keep her that way.


Many individuals have expressed interest in adopting Pepper after learning of her trauma, but Acua is still deciding what is best for her in the future.

“We adore Pepper and know that if we can’t keep her, we’ll find her the best possible home through rescue,” he added. “What we really want people to know (because I’ve had thousands of messages asking if they can adopt her) is that there are a lot more stray cats and dogs in need! Just because they aren’t accompanied with a spectacular film doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of the same love and attention.”

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