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Cutest Kissing Session Caught On Film Between Deer And Cat

When the wild deer first saw the domestic cat, he fell head over heels. Fortunately for the deer, his devotion was not in vain; the cat realized he was equally as enamored with the deer.

Heather Raskell and her family were about to settle down for Thanksgiving dinner at Raskell’s aunt and uncle’s house near Medical Lake, Washington, when the two creatures appeared in the garden. They were doing something extraordinary: the young buck was stooping down and licking the cat.


Raskell told The Dodo, “We peeked out their back door, and this tiny baby buck was having a field day with this cat.”

The cat seemed to like it, much to everyone’s surprise.

“He was like, ‘Here, get this position, and make sure you get this location,'” Raskell added.


“He flipped over onto his back and let the deer kiss his tummy at one point.”

The deer refused to come to a halt.

“The buck would say, ‘Oh no,’ every time the cat tried to go away. Please come in. ‘Come in a little closer,’ Raskell replied. “And he kind of nudged him over to him with his tiny hoof. He was, nevertheless, exceedingly kind. He wasn’t at all violent or cruel to the cat.”


Raskell took out her phone and started documenting the meeting, which lasted around seven minutes although she only recorded a small fraction of.

“It was the strangest thing,” Raskell remarked. “He licked that tiny boy for a long time.” And the cat seemed to think, ‘Wow, this is fantastic.'”

Raskell described the cat as “soaking wet” towards the end of the odd kiss fest.

She stated, “The deer was drooling all over him.”

Raskell said she was humbled to witness anything like this in her own home.

“It was just an incredible opportunity,” Raskell remarked. “It was so nice and adorable.”

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