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Kitten Lays Down Like A Baby In Her Dad’s Arms To Take The bottle With Milk

It is critical to feed kittens during their first few days of life. They should have their mother if at all feasible, but this is not always attainable.

Credit: ionezambomdasilva

Many kittens are abandoned by their mothers or are rejected by them, forcing them to fend for themselves.

Many rescuers and animal enthusiasts, fortunately, are already skilled at caring for a tiny kitten and ensuring that it grows up safely.

Credit: ionezambomdasilva

Marcelinho’s life was saved by Mingal, a rescued furry guy. He set off to look after it, leaving everything behind to ensure that the kitten was not lacking anything.

The small hairy ones need a lot of attention and are not simple to look after, but Marcelinho has developed a particular bond with the furry little one.

Credit: ionezambomdasilva

The cunning kitty, much to the amazement of his entire family, refused to eat unless he was in the arms of his adoring owner.

He’d prepare a kitten-specific bottle of milk, and Mingal would get ready to enjoy his feast.

“Cats are quite appreciative.” A netizen added, “I also fed one with the use of a bottle.”

Credit: ionezambomdasilva

Everyone was moved by the kitten’s feeding behavior. Many kittens are fed with a bottle, but Mingal did it in such a way that it resembled a human infant in its mother’s arms.

Credit: ionezambomdasilva

He felt protected from Marcelinho’s contact while eating his food and stared at him with adoring eyes.

They were destined for each other. Ione Zambom Da Silva is a Marcelinho relative who realized she was seeing something amazing and chose to share it with the world via her TikTok account.

Credit: ionezambomdasilva

The video has received over 90 thousand likes and has been shared about 40 thousand times. After all, there’s nothing cuter than a cat in its owner’s arms as a joyful infant.

“It’s adorable!” “All he needs is a pacifier and a diaper,” a social media user joked.


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I hope Mingal’s outcome could be replicated for all orphaned kitties. These felines are recognized for being self-sufficient, but while they are young, they require constant supervision. Mingal will undoubtedly grow up to be a robust and healthy furry.

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