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26 Animals With Specific Needs Are Saved By A Woman And Her Paraplegic Husband

It’s hard to believe, yet each year, thousands of animals suffer from so many health issues that they are doomed to be butchered without further delay. Several charities and rescuers specialize in assisting animals born with particular problems or who have been in catastrophic accidents.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

Unfortunately, this is insufficient, and there are still many furry ones who, if not adopted within a short period of time, will face the worst of fate. Nicole Wulfekuhle, a devout 50-year-old mother, made the decision to act.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

She has had a strong affinity for animals since she was a child, and she has raised various pets at home. He went to a shelter one day in quest of a new kitten to welcome him into his house.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

He planned to wear only one, but then he heard the terrible story of a blind kitten who was about to be put down because no one wanted to pay for his pricey treatments.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

Nicole accepted the animal on the verge of death and another kitty without hesitation. The concept of animals being denied a second opportunity kept circling in his mind, and he felt he had to act.

This is how the John Lennon Legacy Sanctuary came to be. He had a deaf and blind pet named Lennon many years before.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

This was the ideal method to signify that all furry individuals, regardless of their health, would be welcome at the new shrine.

“Our goal is to give you a loving home while also raising awareness about the beauty of furry creatures with special needs.” “We want to share a lot of joy,” Nicole said.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

Nicole began to welcome more and more stray animals into her house as a result of this. Nicole presently has 20 cats, four dogs, and two goats, each of them has an inspirational tale to tell about how they overcame adversity. It didn’t take long for them to become healthy, strong, and happy because to Nicole’s exceptional care.

Credit: Tipperswobblykitty

Dean, her spouse, was quadriplegic in a vehicle accident many years ago. Despite the fact that she is in a wheelchair, she constantly goes out of her way to adore and care for the house’s pets.

Nicole expressed her gratitude to Dean, saying, “Dean totally supports my love for assisting animals with unique needs.”

Taking care of a pet is usually a time-consuming and exhausting task. It requires much more patience and vocation to care for a pet with unique needs.

More people who are willing to aid those who have been rejected by others are needed.

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