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Bob, The Legendary Stray Kitten That Touched Tens Of Thousands Of People’s Hearts, Passed Away At The Age Of Fourteen

Their incredible bond has gone viral on the internet, attracting followers from all around the world. Bob not only changed James’ life, but he also inspired the book and film A Street Cat Named Bob.

Fans of Bob will be disappointed to learn that he died on June 15, at the age of 14.

Credit: James Anthony Bowen

The book’s publisher, Hodder & Stoughton, shared the sad news on its official Facebook page, along with a heartfelt note from author James Bowen. Hearing the awful news, her followers were surprised and heartbroken.

Bob enjoyed a wonderful life seeing hundreds of admirers at book signings, traveling the world, and dealing with feline celebrity, as James and Bob continued to find followers throughout the world. He was an exceptional cat who would be much missed.

Credit: James Anthony Bowen

James had a terrible life in the past, as he battled addictions. He was forced to live on the streets when his family and friends abandoned him. He foraged for food in the trash and attempted to get money by playing his guitar on the pavements.

But everything changed when he met Bob: the ginger stray cat emerged out of nowhere in his life, and he had no idea that the contact with this small animal would not only meet him with a very special form of companionship, but would also pull them out of poverty and offer them other options.

Credit: James Anthony Bowen

“Bob saved my life,” Bowen stated. That’s all there is to it. It provided me with much more than just company. With him at my side, I was able to rediscover a sense of direction and purpose that I had been lacking.

“The success we had as a team with our books and films was astounding.” He met thousands of individuals and had an impact on millions of people’s lives. He is the first and only cat of his kind. And there will never be another. In my life, I feel as if the light has gone out. “I’ll never forget that.”

Credit: James Anthony Bowen

Many people throughout the world have expressed their sorrow at Bob’s death. Bob went to paradise after crossing the rainbow bridge, but his spirit will live on via his owner and his followers all across the world.

Bob the stray cat, may you rest in peace, and the world will miss your adorable face!

Credit: James Anthony Bowen

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