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Kitten, Who Lost Her Tiny Eye And Her Brother, Is Thankful Beyond Words For All They Did To Save Her

Maple, a kitten, was discovered with his sibling Egg in less-than-stellar health. They were both severely malnourished, so they were immediately transferred to a shelter. At four weeks old, it was clear that life had not been kind to them.

When Amanda, the creator of Kitten Rescue Life (in Oceanside, California), heard about her condition, she promised to assist right away.

Credit: Andrea Budkis Christian

The youngsters appeared to have been apart from their mother for a long time due to their vulnerability.

He brought the feline brothers home with him and labored for 24 hours to rescue them. The upper respiratory illness that the kittens were suffering from worsened during the next few days.

Credit: Andrea Budkis Christian

Maple recovered from a serious eye illness, but her sibling Egg, unfortunately, lost the fight.

Although doctors were unable to restore little Maple’s sight, they were able to save his life by preventing his respiratory illness from killing him, as it had done with his younger brother.

The little warrior kitty was dead set on surviving. She began to gain weight and strength with 24-hour care and medicine. He was playing, climbing objects, and running again as soon as he regained his energy.

Amanda was quite ecstatic. Maple had arrived at the point where those who try to rescue and assist kittens in surviving realize that the small ones have made it.

Credit: Andrea Budkis Christian

It was amazing to see him get into bed, ask for affection, eat, play, and run like any other regular kitty, and Amanda and Maple cherished each of his accomplishments. When he finally reached a typical weight for a kitty his age, he was overjoyed!

Maple was a fresh kitten two months after being rescued from the streets. This one-eyed young guy is lively, confident, and fun, but most importantly, he is incredibly loving.

Credit: Andrea Budkis Christian

He doesn’t stop showing his gratitude to everyone who helped him heal.

It’s been a long path, and Maple was left alone in the world, but she has all the affection a kitty in her situation could ever need to be happy. We are confident that he will soon find not just a regular existence, but also a wonderful family who adores him.

Credit: Andrea Budkis Christian

Our hearts crease just thinking about what would have happened to this young boy’s life if his rescuer hadn’t shown such compassion and self-denial. How fortunate that these individuals exist, that they risk all for these helpless tiny beings, even if they don’t sleep.

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