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They’re Seeking For A Home For Two 21-Year-Old Feline Brothers Who Were Kicked Out “For Being Too Old”

Nikita and Leon are two cute boys who lived a regular life in the United Kingdom with their family until their owners decided they no longer wanted them at home and gave them over to the RSCPA in Northamptonshire. This pair of brothers is in their late twenties, with each of them being 21 years old.

Credit: Kathryn Collinson

From the time they were given over to the organization, the rescuers and volunteers launched a tremendous drive to locate them a warm and safe home, ideally with the same family. They have lived their entire lives together, and it would be inappropriate to separate them owing to their age. In this regard, the group stated:

“At the grand age of 21, Leon and Nikita found themselves in our care. They were transported to be relocated since they are connected brothers.”

Credit: Kathryn Collinson

Despite their age, both kittens are in terrific condition; however, Nikita has lately been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and need medical attention.

You’ll undergo many blood tests over the following few weeks to see how well you’re responding to therapy.

Credit: Kathryn Collinson

They are two mature kittens that need to relax and get all of the affection of a new family, and the organization’s staff wanted to find them a home as quickly as possible.

They are both quite loving, like being tickled, and, most importantly, enjoy being surrounded by people who make them feel special.

“They want a home that is very peaceful and, ideally, without children.” The need of organization is emphasized.

Credit: Kathryn Collinson

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the charity to get more than 100 adoption requests once the campaign was started.

Julie Clifft, a member of the RSPCA in Northamptonshire, stated:

“It was insane.” We’ve received over 100 requests for them from all around the United States, as well as Cornwall and Cumbria.”

Credit: Kathryn Collinson

The shelter staff took it upon themselves to determine the best choice for delivering these adorable pair of fluffy pups to their new home after carefully considering each of the requests.

Nikita and Leon became well-known as a result of their appearances on television, winning the hearts of many animal lovers. While the group was dedicated to finding them a new home, they had no idea they would receive so much help.

“It’s fantastic because, despite their age, we’ve never stopped aiding animals that deserved a new home.”

Credit: Kathryn Collinson

Thank you very much to the group for giving these cats a second chance. Nikita and Leon may now spend the rest of their lives together, surrounded by the comforts of home and the boundless love that their new family provides.

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