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A Little, Helpless Kitten Is Seen Creeping Alone The Side Of A Deadly Road

A Burlington, North Carolina, emergency medical technician never believed he’d be able to save the life of such a unique species. This kind man observed something peculiar creeping to the side of the road by one of those fortunate coincidences.

It was a little cat that fit in the palm of his hand. The young youngster was sobbing. His mother was nowhere to be seen, and he was sobbing out for her.


Just as the small one was about to crawl onto the road, the emergency technician grabbed it. It was also extremely close to a construction zone, which added to the hazards.

Because this man’s wife volunteers at Sparkle Cat Rescue, she knew just how to assist the youngster and who to contact. Stephanie Grantham, the institution’s co-founder, took control.


She used a syringe to feed him, kept him warm, and placed him in a foster family that could give him with all of the required care at all hours of the day and night. Newborn kittens require extra attention, and this tiny one is no exception.

Sarah Kelly, the small boy’s foster mother, gave him the name Bear Grylls. She was certain that this cute little black cat was a survivor, and she would seize the opportunity to demonstrate it.

This adorable black cat was able to escape the horrors of the streets.

The kitten was placed in an incubator to maintain a consistent body temperature. He had a strong will to live from the start, with a tremendous appetite and purring after every meal.

The kitten has shown to be a cute and cuddly creature. His bright and vibrant eyes betray his inquisitiveness. He also has a loud voice that he can use to demand attention or food whenever he wants it.


Sarah has given young Bear a one-of-a-kind buddy to make sure he doesn’t feel lonely. It’s a toy that can be cuddled with 24 hours a day. His adoptive mother also looks after him and showers him with affection every two hours.

Volunteers returned to where Bear was found and explored the area for any evidence of a mother cat or siblings while Bear grew used to his new existence. They discovered none, implying that Bear had been abandoned there.


Bear is fortunate. He received all of the assistance he required, and it came at just the right time in his life.

He is now on his path to become a robust kitty with whom he will soon have his “happily ever after.”


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