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The Mother Cat Takes Comfort In Nursing A Helpless Cat After Losing Her Children

Ember’s small heart was crushed into a million pieces when she lost her kittens to sickness. The bereft rescued kitten believed she’d never be happy again, and that the severe anguish in her chest would never go away.

Ember knew she had to rescue a little orphan who sorely needed a mother when she met him.

Credit: Tina @mycatbenny

Flame’s mother died when she was quite little. Fortunately, the Atlanta Humane Society rescued him and swiftly found him a foster home.

He was safe and sound there. The kitten, on the other hand, was in dire need of a mother.
She needed the unconditional love, care, and support that only a mother could provide. Ember, on the other hand, was suffering from a severe case of depression.

After the loss of her kittens, all the brightness had gone out of her life, and nothing appeared to be able to pull her out of the gloom.

Credit: Tina @mycatbenny

But then the Humane Society of Atlanta had a brilliant idea: they decided to put Ember and Flame together to see whether the two lonely cats might help each other find happiness.

When Ember and Flame first met, it was a spark of love that brought Ember’s life back to life. When she saw the sad orphaned kitten, she was overcome with maternal love and tenderness.

Credit: Tina @mycatbenny

“She started cuddling him, cleaning him, and encouraging him to eat. “It was just adorable,” remarked a Humane Society of Atlanta staffer.

Flame was overjoyed to have a mother once more, and Ember immediately became her most trusted confidante.

Credit: Tina @mycatbenny

They created a new little family together, and the two were put in a foster home where Flame could develop into a strong, healthy kitten under Ember’s loving care.

Flame and Ember had both endured horrible losses, but through coming together, they were able to rediscover love and happiness. Their love for one another rescued them both, and their story is a true tribute to love’s power.

Credit: Tina @mycatbenny

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