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A Cat Rescued From A Garbage Has Become A Deputy Minister In Russia

This is one of those stories that makes us feel relieved because it doesn’t end in tragedy, but it also surprises us and makes us wonder how far human evil can go.

Workers at the Gorkomhoz public service center in Ulyanovsk were shocked to find a cat inside a bag on December 21, a few days before Christmas, in the city of Ulyanovsk (Russia).

The workers were sifting and combing through rubbish on a conveyor line before reaching the shredder, when they discovered the discovery.


A man saw a sealed bag with something fluffy inside in an instant, grabbed the bag, and proceeded to make a little incision to look inside, when a gorgeous cat stuck its face out, much to everyone’s amazement.


Mikhail Tukash, the guy who saved the cat from a horrible end, showed his friends the bag with the kitten inside in surprise, and they quickly halted the conveyor belt to figure out what had occurred.

Tukash said he grabbed the bag to check for metal items and felt “something soft inside” in an interview with the Moskovski Komsomolets (MK) newspaper.


He stated, ”

“I sliced my finger and saw a pair of eyeballs staring at me!”

Tukash was taken aback and made a deeper cut to extract the cat, which he claims “did not meow or move.”

The cat appeared to be in good health, as it was properly fed and cared for, leading to the conclusion that it was a household cat rather than a stray. The animal’s owners apparently intended to get rid of it, and the decision they made could not have been more brutal and vicious.


These facts bring to light the daily torture of thousands of animals, demonstrate that some individuals lack compassion and principles, and are yet another act of “superiority” that demonstrates how cruel humans can be.

Thankfully, this kitty came upon a wonderful guy who spared him from a dreadful end. He was taken to the veterinarian after the incident, who concluded that he was in good condition, fed him, and placed him in a safe place.


The story had a happy conclusion, with the feline being relocated to the Ulyanovsk region’s Ministry of the Environment and Circular Economy (Russia). The animal will now reside at that location, and all employees will be accountable for its upkeep.


He was named “Deputy Minister of the Environment and Circular Economy” since the kitty was so well received. In addition, a contest to name the new Minister was held on the VK social networking site.


Similarly, the Ministry thanked Mikhail Tukash and the garbage plant’s director “for their diligent work and assistance to the preservation of wildlife” in letters.


Watch the entire video of the worker rescuing him.

This kitty is already a star, and we wish him well in his new home and ministry role.

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