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A Sweet View Of A Man Shown In The Subway With A Tiny Kitten Is Restoring People’s Faith In Humanity

Gillian Rogers was riding the New York City subway home the other day when a man in the same train compartment caught her eye — and instantly brightened her spirits.

Rogers discovered that the individual he had spotted wasn’t alone.


A little kitten, covered in a towel, sat in the stranger’s lap.

Rogers told The Dodo, “He was bottle-feeding her.” “You could see she was concerned. My heart felt like it was ready to burst when I saw someone who cared so much. He was completely immersed in the present.”


Rogers felt she couldn’t leave the train without learning more about the man, so she approached him and inquired about how he’d met the cat.

“We had a conversation,” she explained. “He said he discovered the cat alone between two buildings,” I explained.

Rather than abandoning the kitten, the man had saved her and taken it upon himself to keep her warm and fed.


“As he fed her, the cat was staring up at him,” Rogers recalled. “It was quite touching. ‘Thank you,’ I told him.”


Rogers’ stop was approaching, and she had to depart before asking the man his name. Despite the fact that they parted as strangers, Rogers’ day had been altered by witnessing the man’s kind nature.

“It was a genuinely memorable occasion. I felt like I was walking on air when I got off the train “Rogers said. “It made me happy, as though it restored my trust in mankind. There are still good individuals in the world.”

Rogers was moved by the picture since she devotes her life to assisting animals as the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc. Rogers realized how a stranger’s act of compassion can change the globe after blogging about the meeting online, which has now gone viral.

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