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With A Charming Nature, The Kitten With Bowed Legs Becomes The Happiest Pet Ever

After a long history of disasters, a lovely kitty with special needs has made great strides and discovered the genuine love of a family.

This gorgeous ball of fur was saved in a stable with his brother; the state of the tiny boys was worrying; they were flea-infested, filthy, emaciated, and one of them was noticeably unwell.

Credit: Kittenfactory

Fortunately, an angel arrived in their route and kept an eye on the furry friends.

When Anna Dickerson-Homan, a Michigan City resident foster volunteer for The Kitten Factory, heard about the kittens’ situation, she jumped at the chance to help them in any way she could.

Credit: Kittenfactory

Despite Anna’s lack of awareness of the enormous responsibility of caring for two kittens, one of them, who had an unique ailment, brought them home and struggled until they were fully healthy and robust.

“It was a ‘act now, plan later’ situation,” Anna explained, “and he felt like I was his only hope.”

Credit: Kittenfactory

Anna observed right once that the young cat had crooked legs, was large, and lacked a tail.

Throughout the recovery process, Lisa maintained a positive attitude.

Everything pointed to his being born with congenital abnormalities, such as Manx syndrome, a genetic mutation that causes spina bifida, a pelvic bone abnormality that causes his legs to be twisted and paralyzed.

Some cats born with this disease have a tail stump, but most do not.

Credit: Kittenfactory

Our cat was born without a tail, her legs were malformed, and she suffered from neurological issues.

She was unable to walk properly as a result of this, but she always shown a strong battling spirit, was quite attentive to her caretaker, and displayed a highly lively demeanor. Despite his inability to walk, he enjoys jumping about the home like a bunny. Her foster mother made the following points in this regard:

“She’s a cognitively normal cat that simply wants to do cat things like stare out the window at birds, chase a rope, and cuddle up on your lap.”

Credit: Kittenfactory

Anna and her husband’s main goal was to look after the two cat brothers until they could find a family that would give them the attention and affection they needed.

Lisa’s adoptive parents, in particular, needed to understand her requirements and allow her to move at her own pace; only then could she live a comfortable and happy existence.

Credit: Kittenfactory

Anna’s husband, Steve, made a ramp for the adorable kitty to climb on and off the sofa more easily to help her acclimatize to her new lifestyle.

The state of its legs does not stop this fluffy ball of fur from doing what it likes most: running, jumping, and chasing toys with incredible agility. Anna emphasized:

“Lisa enjoys cuddling and must remain as near to her people as possible at all times.”

Credit: Kittenfactory

It didn’t take long for this gorgeous kitty to figure out her position in her foster home; she enjoys watching Anna’s work and lying on her lap; she enjoys being acknowledged and letting everyone know she’s there to offer and receive loads of love.

This lovely cat is in excellent health thanks to the efforts of her carers and physicians.

Credit: Kittenfactory

For Anna and Steve, the most important thing was to find her a decent home, but Lisa slowly but steadily won their hearts, and before they knew it, this gorgeous cat had become a member of the family.

Lisa has evolved into not only the greatest supervisor of her favorite people, but also the finest helper and guardian of the new rescue kittens since then.

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