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After A Complete Turnaround, A Homeless Cat Covered In Oil Shows Off Her Gorgeous Fur

Lazlo is a little kitten that has had to fight huge fights since he was a baby. He spent his days struggling to live in the streets until one day a Good Samaritan saw his need and chose to help him.

He was coated in mud and motor oil when he was rescued, and he need veterinarian care to live.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

In order to feed and hydrate him while they sought aid from a nearby shelter, a hairdresser from One 4 One Grooming and More tried to feed and hydrate him.

Thankfully, the Friends for Life Rescue Network animal rescue answered the call and agreed to help. The rescue group’s co-founder, Jacqueline DeAmor, had this to say about it:

“We thought he was four weeks old, but he was seven weeks old and weighed only 455 grams,” says the mother.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

It just took one bath to notice the significant difference: behind all that filthy, oil-covered fur, there was an attractive white cat with a compassionate gaze that wanted to fight for his life.

Several tests were performed at the rescue facility; he was dehydrated and emaciated, and he could hardly hold food in his stomach. He had to be taken to the emergency vet, where he received intravenous therapy and was prescribed a special medicine.

Jacqueline decided to take her in as a foster child and provide her with all of the care she required.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

He was fed with a syringe, kept warm in a room, and had a special blanket to keep him warm.

Despite his challenging circumstances, this lovely cat never gave up; he consistently meowed loudly as if to show that he wanted to fight for his life, which he did.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

After a long recovery period, the brave kitten began to emerge from his shell, eating on his own and eventually discovering that the greatest place to recuperate entirely was in the arms of his caregivers.

In her foster family, she enjoyed being the center of attention and discovering new locations. Jacqueline had this to say about it:

“He was lively and no longer dehydrated, so he wasn’t laying on the water dish.” He gained weight steadily after a few days, and a week later, he emerged from the shadows and returned to his adopted family.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

Lazlo appeared to have fought a tough struggle, but his caregivers soon recognized that this adorable kitty was a true warrior. Lazlo was deaf, but that did not stop him from enjoying a totally normal life.

“We don’t know what was wrong because all of the tests were negative, but he’s doing great today.” “Now he’s a really active child,” Jacqueline explained.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

She is a nice kitty who made a full recovery and quickly exhibited her mischievous side. She enjoys chasing anything that moves. Kaitlyn Hemphill, her second foster mother, said:

“We couldn’t get a good sense of his genuine personality while he was sick, but now that he’s better, we can report that he’s completely mad.” “It’s a wacky little creature.”

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

When she is not rushing about or chasing something, this lovely and naughty ball of fur snuggles into the arms of her carers to be caressed while purring pleasantly.

“She’s got a great little personality!” “We are overjoyed that he has progressed and is now healthy and happy,” Kaitlyn added.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

Lazlo is a courageous cat that overcame adversity to grow into a bouncy ball of fur. Thanks to a lovely group of individuals who gave him a second chance, this gorgeous cat now appears to be perfectly healthy and happy.

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