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They Were Seeking For A Younger Sibling For Their Dog When A Stray Kitten Appears, Determined To Take Over The Position

One of the most lovely and fulfilling activities is to welcome a street animal into your house. Sorin Popa has always been a big animal lover. He and his partner decided to bring a cute dog into the household, which they called Dante.

The young one adjusted well to his new surroundings, but it was clear that he needed a playmate to be able to play and grow up happily.

Credit: 2_white_walkers

Sorin was in the midst of relocating, but they decided that as soon as he was able, they would adopt a kitten for Dante to play with.

Credit: 2_white_walkers

Sorin and her pets live in Romania.

Credit: 2_white_walkers

The two pets have an Instagram account with more than 7,000 followers.

Credit: 2_white_walkers

Before she knew it, a homeless kitten in desperate need of a family had found a way to her heart.

Sorin was awakened by a phone call from his sister. He’d seen a confused kitten and figured that because they were preparing to adopt her, they would be able to help her. The small female had been abandoned in a filthy environment and could not stop meowing in a frantic attempt to get nourishment.

Credit: 2_white_walkers

It was the crafty Abyzou who taught him how to eat from a dinner dish and showed him how nice it was to lie on the laps of humans for hours on end. They are now inseparable, and the amusing kitten has taken on the role of Dante’s older sister. There isn’t a moment of peace in the house since these two are full of energy and never stop causing havoc.

“They are gorgeous and add so much beauty and excitement to our lives. They are the source of our joy. They remind us of our children.”

This lovely couple has been together for almost a year and are still as close and happy as they were when they first met. We honor her amazing friendship and her parents’ big hearts. They will now live a life in which they will have all they require, including love.

Credit: 2_white_walkers

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